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Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

There's something about having all the drops to yourself, no real lock battles, or no trash talk that makes 1 clan servers dull.

Gwydion recently became one and it's not been fun logging in to basically nothing.

Raids are also taken down too easily with no real challenge. Usually some ways to have fun here is to PVP, mini games but CH has yet to implement a PVP tournament or any mini games, heck PVP is too imbalanced to begin with, seeing warriors come on top in every battle.

I'd like to ask servers like Arawn, Crom, or anyother world which only has 1 real clan, how do you deal with this? How do feel like playing this game everyday with the only real thing to accomplish is gear yourself? Personally having lock battles with rival clans was the highlight of this game.
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

It's refreshing only having to fight bosses and not fight each other. It gives me time to do other things like bounties and leveling alts. i'm not chained to a boss for hours trying to camp it and outlock rivals. Although we do have some competition on Arawn. It's a clan of like 6 people multiboxing their level 180 characters, and sharing accounts so they can camp 24x7 to try and lock Snorri. other than that, all we have to worry about is fighting bosses, and I think that's great :D

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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

There is a second clan on Crom, but they focus more on DL so there is a constant lock battle for troll. No lock fights on EDL/hrung/mord though.

It's the perfect balance of having everything to yourself yet having lock battles to spice things up.

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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

Like bitey said, we have some competition right now from a group of 180s for bosses like sreng snorri hrung jalan onyx. So we have a little bit of fun in lock battles and also time to enjoy the rest of the game and time for real life.

Pvp, we had some fun fighting in arena over killain before tower update. I used lots of rebirths back then because i nee to be full vit before entering arena and switch to str for PVE. But now we have outgrown killain, no reason to go inside the arena anymore. If you want some fun, Lonkar is waiting for you inside.

Endgame bosses , we all experienced how hard hrung mordris necro event bosses back then, but now we re levels 210+ ave, of course you wont expect to be challenged anymore from a 180-190 bosses, our challenge now is how to get good items, coz like some godly or void items drops once a year only, some never dropped yet.

Shouting and trash talking we did that for more than a year during uskoci badabing clan war. I think we had enough of that.

We have lock battles experience before when we need to time our sleep so we will miss few snorri spawns. When we need to schedule our real life activities when there is no raids. When we need go toilet breaks just to camp bosses. We had experiences like talking to somebody but not looking at them because you are staring at the spawn point, you might miss that instant when the boss spawns and waste 40 min of camping.

So, for me, i think we are enjoying the game now.
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

Armo wrote:There is a second clan on Crom, but they focus more on DL so there is a constant lock battle for troll. No lock fights on EDL/hrung/mord though.

It's the perfect balance of having everything to yourself yet having lock battles to spice things up.

I would like to hear the other clan's opinion once, hows the game enjoyable if you know you freaking cant get your hands or any chance on end game boss drops like Mordris spears helms etc.

On my server its different, be on time at the boss and be not afk or totally useless, then you can just roll for any drop, no drama, no stress, and just fair.
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I guess not everyone likes it that way and rather wants stress, be da BOSS, clan wars and whatever you wanna call it
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

Asterix_the_gaul wrote:I don't see the point in 1 clan servers, once you all have the best gear who are you fighting against? Sure it's peaceful but isn't it also really boring to have dominated or bullied all competition away?

well anyway, even if the idea is fun, there will always be someone who will disagree and leave clan at one time :/ it's usually what happen so...everything will become more..normal hehe

idc either about competition, but clans allow people to structure their game a bit more, to fight sometimes, and too large structure usualy fall after rising to heaver hehe.

Instead of 1 clan server , it might be interesting to get a true alliance system, I find that more useful, fun and....possible :D

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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

I think a one clan world can be very refreshing, I've never ventured much out of ros, but when we did have any kind of competition it was only things like grieving, arena killing, and pathetic trash talking that was almost always personally directed. Having one world clans can be a pretty nice thing, you don't need 2+ groups camping a boss in order to lock and kill it, you don't have to stress about when egbs spawn because your the only ones who can kill it. As bites said it opens you up to do other things in the game like lvling with acts, playing in arena, and enjoying all parts of an event, not just the boss.

On the other hand, there is some boredom, and problems can arise, for instance if there are players who dislike each other and we're both endgame players, they would either have to stay in a clan together, or one would have to be effectively ostracized from all bosses. Also if a clan system is corrupt or leaders of the clan are corrupt, there's really nothing a common player can do about it. They must stay in a clan with bad leaders or be out of all boss drops by leaving the clan. In general the major problem with one world clans isn't really boredum, but more that only one clan can be very complicated when people have conflicts of interests.
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Re: Views on 1 Clan Servers [DEBATE]

In a world where u have always had competition (much earlier times on Belenus) and then one clan became more dominant, a lot of fights with each other too, u come to find that its much more convenient if u would be a lone clan there. We have a rival on event, bosses up to 210 edl and hrung currently, but is it fun to compete like that? No. Is that going to change anytime soon? No. Why? Long story and no agreement.

@Dilvar, no competition? Who do u have to beat and be so proud of it against then? 'be da BOSS'? Isnt that what u think u do all the time?
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