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Re: targeting(clicking on and off mob)

Hey thanks for the feedback, that definitely wasn't our intention, we have hopefully made it easier to target players and enemies that are overlapping by adding the ability to cycle through overlapping targets in the last update, but perhaps this change also made it harder to untarget?

Would be great to hear any more feedback on this as obviously targeting is a hugely important part of the game, anyone else having issues with this? Would very much welcome any suggestions on what may help make this better. Thanks.

Re: targeting(clicking on and off mob)


The cycle through feature is beyond awesome!!!!!!!?!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!

Only problem I and some others have is lag and when you target skain then tap a skill or auto it deselects the boss.

But did I mention the cycle through is awesome!!!!!!!!
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Re: targeting(clicking on and off mob)

No game is flawless, but skain is rediculous to target without cycling for me. For the lag issues ive only noticed that the graphics were polished a bit more than normal making the older devices lag a bit, but not too much difference with the newer devices.
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Re: targeting(clicking on and off mob)

Daledo wrote:While targeting isnt easy, DETARGETING Is also a big problem.

Its impossible to switch gears , and skill etc, wo deselecting your target making have to retarget, which we all know it was hard enough to do it right the first time.

Good point, and sometimes when im trying to detarget, it opens the inspect screen so before i can click off, skain 5* is already locked.
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Re: targeting(clicking on and off mob)

Ok, I'm such a noob, but how do you use this cycle through feature you guys are talking about?


The deselecting thing is a nuisance. We used to be able to tap on our hp/energy bars and select our selves. Pain in the arse when I am camoing everyone around me except myself because i cant select myself in a tight group.
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