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Notice: Only buy plat on a non-jailbroken device

Just wanted to warn people that they should only buy their plat on a non-jailbroken device.

Last double plat I bought it on my jailbroken phone. Apple took my money, but I never got the plat. It was a headache to figure out, and OTM customer support was great throughout the experience. But it could have all been avoided if I had just bought plat on a device that wasn't jailbroken! Learn from my mistakes people! :D

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Re: Notice: Only buy plat on a non-jailbroken device

Bitey wrote:pretty sure all I have is recordmyscreen and iCleaner, but I'll check it out. I've been meaning to upgrade my OS, so that would wipe out anything interfering. Maybe I'll do that soon. thanks!

*Edit* Just checked, all I have is iCleaner, iFile, RecordMyScreen, and Veency.

I had my iPod in safe mode and bought plat and everything worked fine.
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