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As you know there have been problems accessing online rankings directly. However, if you are like me, and never closed the tab in Safari, you still have access and the info is still updated. I tried going to without the character/world info, and it does not allow entry. If you guys put a login on the home page folks could direct link to the site and see what's up.

Since what all of you really want to know is my largest skill hit, I will say that since I made 190, I have gone up 1k, but since those 7 mages ahead of me refuse to stop leveling, I'm still ranked #8 Now that you know that you don't actually have to go look yourselves. ;)
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Re: Online Ranking

Garat, u should have shown the page with my lvl 121 mage and 4799 firebolt.
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Re: Online Ranking

+1 to online ranking on forums I would love to see but it won't let me
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