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Re: When is the next double plat?

I know, let's make 252 more topics asking this question!

I'm sure OTM knows that people are expecting one that would be the birthday one. I'm sure they see that there has been very low plat sales as those of us who are waiting on double plat hold out with iTunes cards ready. I'm also sure that all these new threads asking them when it will be are not changing their minds. I might just have to wait until November to buy plat. But that's ok with me. I would prefer to do it now, but that's life. OTM wants less money right now, and that is some nefarious business strategy that we can't fathom.

It is frustrating to everyone.

But you know what's more frustrating? A new forum post about it every two days....
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Re: When is the next double plat?

Shazta wrote:Ill be making one each day until a response


I'll do that each day on ur posts till response k?
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