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Double Plat??

Ok can you please answer yes or no will there be double plat soon? Honestly idc either way (ofc I'd rather see double plat but if not owell) I just want to know what to do I have a certain amount I am gonna spend I just don't wanna spend it now and then n a week or 1 yall go o hey double plat so please just let us know


Re: Double Plat??

BlackMamba wrote:What's the point of asking? They will announce 3 days in advance if they do have a double plat

I understand its annoying people keep asking but are we gonna wait 2 months before a 3 day advance warning or is it going to be soon? That's all the people really want to know lol

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Re: Double Plat??

The point is I'd like to kno because as I said if it's not gonna happen fine but if it is I don't want to spend the money I have specially sat aside for plat just to find out the next day or within the next week O hey guys btw double plat next weekend if they r gonna do it if like to know so I actually have money to use on it

Re: Double Plat??

The fact it's not been mentioned yes or no is making quite a few not spend, if it's announced they will not hold the annual event it would mean those waiting would spend, if it's announced there will be one then of course more would buy,
Either way atm less is being bought overall by not knowing lol

Re: Double Plat??

I know I'm in the same boat as you man I have 125$ ready spend but I would way rather prefer double plat if it's like a month from now I might just buy rn if it's in like a week then I would save
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