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Choosing a Server on iOS. Coming from Android

So Ive had an iphone for a week now and have a toon on each server but can't decide which world to invest in. So far not alot of responses from anyone on each server. Im gonna assume its because i'm a noob. So maybe I can get more help thru the forums. So i'd like to hear everyones opinion and hopefully i can begin my ios journey.


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Re: Choosing a Server on iOS. Coming from Android

I would highly recommend crom.

One dominant clan in seed and a very friendly clan names hunterz who work on dragonlord bosses. Then there is Enrage which is another clan who tries to work on dragonlord bosses.

Overall peaceful server besides a few people who enjoy trash talking and harassing people but if you block them should be no problem at all. No griefing which once again contributes to the peacefulness of the server.
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