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Re: Would it be possible to level to 180 without using elixe

There's a druid in my world who levels without elixirs, he actually hates them tbh. 186, didn't have great gear too I think till he got his DL. Took awhile though, maybe an year or close but gotta hand it to him. So yeah it's possible, but not everyone takes that road
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Re: Would it be possible to level to 180 without using elixe

Flo from Progressive wrote:
aqww123 wrote:On arawn one person lvled 3 chars to 180 without lixes

Sure he did.

I can confirm that she did but I will note I don't think she sleeps and legitimately has her character logged in for 10+ hours a day if not more. And the normal person doesn't have that sort of time . So to the op this game was designed to be easy till about 100-120 and get you into the game and get you invested with your time and effort so that you would be more apted to buy platinum so OTM can make money.
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