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Re: Highest hp you will ever see

Jake wrote:Highest LEGIT hp you will ever see :3

Seriously though, damn thats awesome. How did you get it so high? What gear/skills/buffs?

Yeah, would be nice to see gear and buffs.
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Re: Highest LEGIT hp you will ever see (edited for Jake)

Ungerman wrote:Yes friddo but that was due to a glitch on a horn which was swiftly patched hahaha

Ahh yes the misplaced decimal point. I haven't seen as good as a one o dem since steelclaws' paw covered catacombs while goodness knows where the rest of em was. Only those in the know even knew where to target an attack. It was pretty awesome to let lose fireballs and arrows and watch them fly up to the heavens to tickle his stomach.
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Re: Highest LEGIT hp you will ever see (edited for Jake)

Ok i heard many people are saying its Fake or whatever.

But i will tell you its not fake, yes i used druid Buffs from a normal druid named Sorsha2 (lvl 207) i don't know if she had 50 buffs or something 40-49.

The gear i have used you can guess by yourself, would i tell it then there just has to be someone over my lvl and post some higher HP :)
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