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Re: One year ago... there was Garanak

Galatic wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Best event till date, got people out of hiding, hoping it will do the same for the coming event.

I enjoyed Earthstone Armour and those dragons

I personally loved the Garanak event. Everything was going right for the clan I was in. Some friends who don't play now were active then.

This was also during the old engine, old engine > new engine.
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Re: One year ago... there was Garanak

Criminal wrote:So fun, I loved it when we didnt know how to tank him at start, so we would run him like idiots for hour. Once I missed 23 bashes in a row on him.

With the competition we always had with locking and the typical lack of druids we never really tanked him. Simply bolas and tank rounded up the adds after lock worked pretty well. It was actually pretty smooth.

It was the one boss i actually ever woke up for in the middle of the night to solo (5 not 6).
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