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Defector quest respawn times

I'm trying to finish up the defector quest (the one with 15 bosses) since it has been open for the past 40+ levels.
Does anybody know what the respawn times are for these guys? I sat there from a little before 5:30AM until just about 10:00 (EST, couldn't sleep) waiting and none of the remaining three bosses came up. The level 95 Boss right next to me was killed and respawned 4-5 times though.

This seems kind of rediculous for a quest that becomes available at level 30-something and is this long. Altho it explains why I have rarely seen any of them up over the past week and a half.

Re: Defector quest respawn times

Gota kill the place holders or they can't spawn. I can get them to spawn several times a day just by running the zone several times and killing the place holders. My guess is about 15-30 min spawn times
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Re: Defector quest respawn times

Reward is a super combo.
I think the point of the quest was to be longterm back in the days when it was only the otherworld. But now that players dont even have to go through shalemont to get to lvl 50, and that the whole focus of the game is to get to endgame (not to stay in one area like it used to be back in the good days), it might be a good idea to increase the spawns of the defectors and increase the chances of getting their weapons.

The idea of defectors are a good one, and i dont see why otm doesnt repeat it a few more times, at different levels (100,150,200) so there is a bigger variety of weapons availible in game. It would also be nice to see these weapons with a much lower level requirment (100-lvl req 65, 150- lvl req 115, 200- lvl req 165) so that you dont have to reach endgame (which takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort. If that is changed then lvl req can change too) in order to use good weapons.
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Re: Defector quest respawn times

I had this quest since I was level 30 something, after 9-14 months past (can't remember how long lol) I sent OTM a ticket to remove the quest from my log. Little OCD with quests being in my log if I'm not doing them. I believe I had 3 to go but everytime I went to check they were never up, didn't actually know there was placeholders :shock:
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Re: Defector quest respawn times

SubZ3ro wrote:
Aileron wrote:worst quest ever

Wouldn't go that far, the reward gave me a combo while Mabon was in a drought a while back. All you need to do is check the area after every lix you do.

Aileron does have a point tho.

The quest took me bout 2-3 months to do and all I got was an sc...

Or you can farm for 30 min to an hour to have the same amount of money as one sc.

To the op, you needed to kill the placeholders before the defector spawns.
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