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Re: small perception of each server!!

GodLike wrote:Well I play on all servers.

Fingal - 172 Rogue
Balor - 181 Rogue
Lir - 50 Rogue
Donn - 5 Rogue

Donn - so far from my experience, donn is by far the worst server as of being friendly, no wonder no one wants to stick around or level on the server..even as a low lvl ive bought items almost exceeding a mill just to start, ask any of the high lvls and they ignore u, theres a few who are nice..but this server is a waste of time and resources, starting her if u just join will ruin your exoerience of the game...in my opinion not the best server at all to start out on.

Fingal - alot of friendly people, basically ruled by one clan but slowed down in activity..this is where i started, loved this place, but the higher the lvls, higher the egos, which tend to make this game less fun.

Balor - left fingal for here loved it!! Hit 170 in a very short time,..due to so many ppl fighting usually one or two people it just creates alot of problems..and clans change as often as a ocds panties..nothing stable here..

Lir - friendliest server by far, not as far as advanced but atleast the high lvls arent bad.

All in all i play every server, u guys complain about activity..quit bein jackasses and make the game fun again talk to the noobs help out...u were there once...no need to get all high and might and think ur over everyone...its you all who ruin the game and wonder why people leave...

excuse me ive been on donn for approximately a year and how you portrayed donn was very inaccurate. Donn is very developed server people are nice except for the occasional bad cookie. I always talk with low lvls and have always been friendly with people. You also mentioned no one wants to lvl... we have a ton of lvl 100s and quite a few lvl 200+ players. Idk howmuch time u spent on here but it doesnt seem long enough to give accurate presentation of the world donn.... pls dont comment like tht about worlds saying its a waste of resources to start because its not. U also forgot to mention the economy of servers; that is also a huge deciding point on where to start. As one of the biggest merchs on donn i can say it is THRIVING i can sell items and buy items relatively fast and there is amazing liquidity in items. There are times where there are plat droughts but tht happens. Unless u have played on the server for 6months (im not talking on and off) then your opinion does not count for much in this subject

Re: small perception of each server!!

TBH They should just combine all the servers -.- or just make a new server with out any events for 2 months see how people can handle all those bosses, hardcore it allows people to actually make friends and work together when theres no event lux. People now a day just solo and are rude because they have event lux thinking they are all that.. (Most not all people)

Re: small perception of each server!!

GodLike wrote:Its what i experienced so its my opinion, not everyone is like that but a majority on donn are, every server has its flaws...im just saying donns the worst with hospitality.
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Re: small perception of each server!!

Well I've had the opposite experience in Donn and Balor that Godlike had. I really like Donn server and if I wasn't so invested in Fingal I would play on Donn. I won't say anything negative about Balor but I most definitely wouldn't play on this server. My first experience in Donn was of being given shadowstrike and riposte for free.

Lirs everyone seems very friendly but I only visit randomly so I don't know a lot about the server.

Des, for a number of us the economy is a moot convern. I'm a plat buyer so finding and discarding of items is only a vendor away.
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Re: small perception of each server!!

Siryourchange wrote:Why dont people sell their stuff to the community and get it going instead of selling to venders. Plus you make more that way anyway why wouldnt you? Lirs has most people fingal not as much but nicer

Well for me I'd rather get rid of my stuff quickly rather than waiting days or sometimes weeks to find a buyer.
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