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Re: Is rudness generally accepted?

You know what's annoying:
Guy: Trades me randomly
Me: accepts
Guy: puts in random items checks ready to trade
10 minutes later...
I cancel.
I had someone beg me for my offhand. He wouldn't stop for 2 days and had rediculous offers. He would follow me around and spammed "plz" once he saw me. Such dedication that I almost gave in... to a 5k offer for my very expensive offhand.


Re: Is rudness generally accepted?

Radoc Macinlay wrote:Am I expecting too much by thinking that people should have a little courtesy when asking other players for help?

I regularly get people that demand I come help them. Things like "come to location x" or "I'm at ____ come now". People I've never met or fought with before, they just go to the social tab, hit area and see who is higher level and could possibly beat their target easily.
I understand some brevity is needed while fighting, but typing a message to try to get someone to travel to a different part of the map to help you beat a lower level boss while you are hanging out in a safe spot doesn't require the same urgency.

I've taken to playing dumb and asking questions like I do with my four year old nephew to prompt him to use manners and be polite. Some get it and I'll help them, then we end up talking a bit afterwards and we'll occasionally help each other level or I'll get them to difficult areas if they are a lower level than me. The others get frustrated and think I'm the one who doesn't get it, then move on.

I'm not looking for a formal introduction or anything thing like that. Just a simple "would you mind helping me with.." or "Could you help me..." would suffice.

Am I out of line here?

Is saying come to location x rude? And things like that. Cuz than im rlly rude to everyone :lol:
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Re: Is rudness generally accepted?

I'm only level 60, but I hate going to the castle courtyard because almost every time I do someone will either spam me with duel requests (I don't duel, and they never ask first; one request is not too annoying, but making three more after I decline the first is just rude) or beg me to sell some fashion item or weapon that I have equipped (I'm wearing whatever it is because I like it, not because I want to sell it). It's enough of a hassle when people say, "Hey, do you want to sell X?" and then graciously take no for an answer (just because there are so MANY people who ask, even though I have only a few nice items because I don't get much platinum--all it takes is good luck on a few chests you've saved plat for for months, or having bought a shrink charm before they were discontinued), but the ones who keep begging and begging and offering class-specific stuff I can't use in exchange for something I use a lot just turn my stomach. It kills my motivation to even log on after a while, to tell the truth. :oops:

Re: Is rudness generally accepted?

Hmm... what server is this?
I'll get requests occasionally for my stuff on Epona, but people generally accept. Although I did have someone trying to convince me that one of my rings was not useful to me seeing as how I'm geared mostly towards healing (Druid), so I should sell it to him. Once I explained that I use those skills frequently since I tend to solo a lot, he backed off.

Thankfully the requests for my 2014 Yule Hallowed Polar Wings (a gift from someone that has been playing for some time now) is starting to slow down. It's only once or twice a week instead of once or twice every time I log on. So I understand where you are coming from.

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