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Re: farming shadowstrike

It's pure luck. One day me and friend got tome in 10mins, but the next day we didn't see at all
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Re: farming shadowstrike

Silentblade72 wrote:
Malicious wrote:Giant sewer crawlers also,
It's one of those drops you can get on first kill or 1000th all about luck and dropping right time

yea those are lizards

I prefer this way as at 91 I could level on them easily with a good build and one piece of weak lux, and also got about 5000 every time I went leveling

Re: farming shadowstrike

Don't mean to go off topic but... is it unfair that SS drops less than other tomes?
I do not know whether the drops rates are the same as the ones in carrow (assuming they aren't), but is it unfair for a first-time rogue player to be hit 100k+(Morrigan) bill just to have access to a skill? While warriors pay 15k for rupture, a rogue as to pay 100k plus for a SS.
I'm not complaining about the market prices, I can farm 100k with enough patience, but I am concerned for newer rogue players. However, I have heard stories of SS dropping more frequently as many of my clan members successfully farm it (intentional or not).
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Re: farming shadowstrike

ThyraUnited wrote:There is a reason it can go for 50k :). But I personally always found it on the mobs through the waterfall on the way to herald of coppinger.

Sold for 150k-200k on Morri
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Re: farming shadowstrike

Plus3 wrote:Shadow strike drops 5x less frequently than other books. On average you will get 30 other books for each shadow strike. On average it takes about 50 4* kills per book. So after killing 1500 4* mobs you have a 70% chance of at least one book. I've farmed about 60 shadow tomes so far so I'm pretty confident of these numbers. On my world im 3 of the top 5 rogue 4s kills mostly from just this farming.

You can farm for minutes or weeks depending on your luck. I actually make more money on the mini boss gold drops and gold from mobs than shadow tomes or rings when I farm.

Honestly you are better off paying 50k if you can it's easier to farm that than a book.

SS is 200k on Donn.
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Re: farming shadowstrike

One of my clannies recently sold ss in ah for 300k. ~
I have been farming in my downtime for royal ss, and I have been keeping timers on ancient wrym and elder revenant. Day 3 of ? For farming.
I will update this by quoting myself every time ss or grand/royal ss drops

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