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Re: Fashion question to OTM

^^Its two different things, its not the color of the item's frame, we're talking about the fashion clothes' color. In almost every game items can be divided by colors, games like WoW and Neverwinter and such are usually divided in that way : white - common, green - uncommon, blue - rare, purple - epic, orange - legendary (or mythic).
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Re: Fashion question to OTM

yes true that, but those 2 games have no fashion and the gear is the only fashion. the rarest is yellow in one of them and the other is red. and they look damn nice even better than fashion. so they're kinda fashion (:
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Re: Fashion question to OTM

They should just have all the colors and there are different rarities to those colors.
For example, white, black, blue, red, orange and whatnot are worth the same to appease the poor few. However, there is a different tier to them in which people can get a rarer black, blue, red, orange and etc.

and etc...

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Re: Fashion question to OTM

Aileron wrote:I'm not much of a collector of fashion, but why is Red fashion always the most common and White the most rare?

Color rarity and preference is quite subjective. Also the random element in chests also doesn't mean that white is going to be the most rare, so why bother putting a rarity property on fashion items?

Yes I see what you mean. If it says Rare in description it doesn't make item rare. When people trade me and say wana buy this rare item. I will tell him that I have seen 10 and more people with same and that moment it losses the price to me

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