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Re: Go easy on otm...

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:
Loco cola wrote:No unity is easier and quicker to use, also I believe they have a 1yr contract so leaving won't do anything

Ah ok, I just though unity were for games under 1gb like flash games and etc. Got do more research on it

If you want to see good potential in the Unity engine, check out JBS 3D on youtube, its Just Beneath The Skin 3D, and graphics are quite ok.
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Re: Go easy on otm...

I'm fairly certain OTM has quite a bit more than 10 people. Not to mention I would imagine your job isn't making video games (maybe it is, idk) like theirs is so that gives the impression they have more knowledge and A LOT more resources with the money they make from plat sales. That being said I feel like your comparison or reasoning isn't totally fair. Do I think some people are hard on OTM at times? Ya, but I also think they have every right to be when they release the same basic content and have made no advances in horizontal content, improved mount systems, auction house, etc... When some have been mentioned over a year ago. Also the lack of feedback they comment on, take into consideration, or situations they appear to lie about and try to cover it up (changing items already in game and saying they will change things but don't). They seem to be try some with the summer event poll they have, but if you look at it there are 12+ pages of comments and feedback and ZERO are from an admin... It just gives an impression they don't care

Re: Go easy on otm...

OTM is a team of around 25 ppl, while they're most likely better at this job than u (no offense). Otm is always trying to give more and more instead of fixing what there is.
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Re: Go easy on otm...

Yh they have 20+ people, complaints come because they ignore small fixes that can dramatically improve the game for everyone (spawn and drop rates, camping windows, boe etc), not to mention the lack of any horizontal content as well as the blatant dishonesty such as "we cant change in-game items".
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