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Arena/ Ground war/ Team deathmatch?

Basically what if you had teams of 5vs 5 in arena and you could have a competitive fight. it would be in a separate area where randoms couldn't attack you in arena. There could also be random matchmaking. Maybe even different game types like capture the flag. You can also bet gold and items on the game if you want. It could be a cool competitive element added to the game. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
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Re: Arena/ Ground war/ Team deathmatch?

Regenleif wrote:I was thinking a 16 vs. 16 cross-server pvp battle would be excellent fun..

But only if they balance PVP first!!!

My team idea:
10 mages with ice blast, ice shard, lure, attune, shield(using arctic stormskimmers as weapons)
6 tanks
Ice blasts will destroy the other team and the mages hide behind the warriors who try to draw the aggro of the other team.
If there is any problematic opponents like rogues they can be easily frozen with the 1 second freeze cast time of the stormskimmer Good idea?
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