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Re: 10 sets on Rosemerta

Jailbait wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Ya'll gave yaz her set cuz u knew she'd look smexy in it. U sneaky basta.rds :P

Haha!!! Dang you figured it out.

Ofc I did! Detective curry never fails :geek:
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Re: 10 sets on Rosmerta

brian777 wrote:We have recently gained our 10th edl set on world Rosmerta. Two sets for every class.






All have been working hard and were only a few drops away from a few mores sets. Hope otherworlds are having the same success.

Gratz guys on the edl sets my good friends (well certain ones), got around 12 sets on rhia or parts of sets, doing well pitty once people even hit req for dlord wep u change it :lol: , when hit 185 u change to 190 once I hit 190 u changed to 200 lmao funny leaders exept from spiro yaz and lidon they were the nice ones always helped, enjoy rosmerta without ffa boring as usual

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Rhiannon my new server so much better than rosmerta lol....you guys should try it out...
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