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Dummy Account for Scams

Arj, your post about a dummy account would not always work for OTM. You can easily change what IP address is viewed on your device and for the UDID which is alike a feral number for your iDevice no one has the same UDID by the way but i used to have a UDID fake which changed my UDID to a randomly generated one that i think is registered i can't remember. So if OTM were t track the account scammer and hey were prepared like this they could keep changing their UDID and IP address and be free. OTM do you actually IP/UDID ban people? Because if someone got hold of another Celtic Heroes players IP address and started scamming and other stuff then that person could get IP banned for nothing. I suppose you only account ban right?

Arjunlite's Original Post


Make a dummy account, give it fake gold/plat, enter the username and pass and wait until the person logs in, then catch the IP and device UDID and you're done. Safe for us, safe for you.

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