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Re: Is This It for leveling

OTM has repeatedly said this update is last before they focus on horizontal content. You say 2 yrs of work and whats to show.

Carrowmore Tunnels
-A soft cap of 190
-New skills
-Event lux
-Faster spawning bosses
-New armor
-New loot
-New lux

New engine

Tower Zone
-New soft cap of 230
-More quests
-A new zone to explore
-Massive new areas
-New lux
-New armor
-Group focused lvling

There could be possibly more to add. Anyway, OTM plans to focus on horizontal content from now on. You must have come to forums clueless without knowing OTMs future plans or something. Jake has already said what they plan on doing in the near future, most of this will most likely be implemented this year.

It must have to do with your personal dissatisfaction but this update was a step in a good direction. Players needed a refreshing new zone and returning players, and as long as they add horizontal content I could see this game striving.

Re: Is This It for leveling

The Aggronator wrote:Pointless post. In all my time of playing, NEVER ever, not even once, has a feedback or suggestion on these forums actually made the live game. Actually annoys me to see mods replying to pointless threads and ignoring ones like these.

Camping + grinding + chests = CH

Just on this update :

Group lvling - A way to help druids get into groups.
Idols - became 50% percent.
Horizontal content - Auction house and crafting will be added, OTM also came up with bounty system.
More daily quests have been added too.

Its true that out of the many amazing ideas very little are added, but in this update mostly OTM is doing great work, also, lots of lags and crashes are fixed for older devices, Im experiencing much less lag.
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Re: Is This It for leveling

Evasive wrote:Leveling brings people back its brough me back something to actually do instead of endless shouts on camping bosses.

When I first started I went 0-150 so fast I got bored of camping eventually. Then in I went 150-195 just as quick and got bored after. Now it's time to take things slow 1-2 levels per a week would only be 1 to 2 hours a day leveling.

The more people who just go straight to the soft cap 220 within the first 2 weeks will get bored and start ******** and just quit that's your problem don't go so quick.

Nailed it

Re: Is This It for leveling

The worries about OTM disappearing seem to be over rated. http://companycheck.co.uk/company/05944 ... l-accounts

I love the new update and being able to level my main once again. I know most people in my clan share this feeling and due to the update a lot of inactive player returned to the game. So far I think OTM did a great job on the Tower. I can't wait to return in game to level in groups with my great clannies. After months and months of going around in the same circles, camping the same bosses, doing dailys, over and over and over the update makes the game feel new and fresh again.

So what next? I am all for adding more horizontal content even though I never cared much for the mini quests as they rarely bring any progress to the game or your char. But I'm sure the coming updates will be great and I will stick around for a long time now.
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Re: Is This It for leveling

and also not making things so expensive and making every event item better than the last, they should keep them maybe constant or just vary in abilities depending on the event kind. But just stop making them more expensive and better than the last D: It kinda kills the items that were bought from previous events
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Re: Is This It for leveling

Jake wrote:
Desmond Glace wrote:Professions? We can have jobs in this game?!?!

Fishing, cooking, crafting, investment banking, all the runescape stuff.

I already have a job I'm a merch and Banker As I Loan gold to certain people and get interest (yes I get payed back lol only loan to specific few) So As Far I'm Concerned I'm Making My Own Horizontal Content I'm A genius 8-)

Re: Is This It for leveling

Godzilla wrote:
Desmond Glace wrote:I'm fine with the grind it boosts demand for plat prices allowing merchs to get there trades executed. From a farmer perspective I think they would like this because when you are a higher lvl and more updates go out there are more places to explore.

Take a look at end game right now. How many of those people 190+ are new players, those that have joined in the last 2 months. He answer is likely 0, those players at the current endgame will eventually leave the game. Real life gets in the way no matter how much you love this game. Thats reality unfortunately, but now there will be no one to take the place. Endgame players will continue to drop more and more... The higher the level cap the worse it even gets.
Look at it from a new players perspective, you think they want to spend $100s and 100s of hours grinding. OTM is heading down a path of bankruptcy, it may not seem like it now but if OTM really wants this game to thrive they need to get their s**t together and stop this grind. Otherwise in the next 2-3yrs there may not even be a Celtic Heroes anymore.

Well some players that are old arent all the endgame players. People who like to get into a game could lvl a toon into endgame in a month. And now with the tower at 170 it could be done shorter as u dont have to use carrowmore.
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Re: Is This It for leveling

Jake wrote:
Desmond Glace wrote:Professions? We can have jobs in this game?!?!

Fishing, cooking, crafting, investment banking, all the runescape stuff.

It's turning into a pc mmo wannabe. although many may not want to accept this, It's the truth
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