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Vial quest reward

1. what class are you
2. Which quest did you finish
3. What does reward do

1. Mage
2. Lesser (boots)
3. Boots with 400 fire bolt damage

Would be nice to know what the other bonuses are.

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Re: Vial quest reward

1. Rogue
2. Lesser - Boots
3. About 400 (not lookin at it atm) direct dmg to quickstrike
World: Epona

Alyssandra Ranger Lvl 221
Atropos Druid Lvl 225
Nyssa Rogue Lvl 215
Briar Rose Mage Lvl 215

Lasciel Rogue Lvl 217
Owl Ranger Lvl 190
Lenore Druid Lvl 191

I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Re: Vial quest reward

Druidmeno3 wrote:
Mossbumblebee wrote:Take a look at Bitey's website!

Would like outside confirmation outside of that chart, as some stuff doesnt add up, but your right. thats a great starter spot.

Actually of the gloves and boots they have been spot on with Bitey from all classes.
Zyz 220 Druid
Noah Fences 220 Rogue

Re: Vial quest reward

Bourne wrote:All of Bitey's information on his site is accurate, however this does only show the first tier gear, not the 2nd tier. I may be looking in the wrong place but I did not see it on there.

So now the boots do more bonues to natures touch than the breastplate.... at least thats what the chart says.

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