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Re: How long have you been playing?

Started at near end of halloween 2012 event lv 92 and still a noub
XSwiftBlazeX Lv 221 Rogue one of the Rarest Account in Epona (Bald)
XxBlazexX Lv 156 Warrior PvP Warrior Invincible Butcher - Retired

Re: How long have you been playing?

I began playing soon after release of the game although I have taken quite a lot of breaks due to things happening in real life. So all in all maybe 3 years probably more. Made my forum account just after stonevale update but was playing a couple of months before that was lvl 40 by time update hit. 183 now but can't play much anymore due to university commitments. Here's a question to others. Who's active forum account is oldest?

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