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Re: Amount of gold held

TrueHatred wrote:I would try to beat joe smith gold is everything

Not true. Gold only has 'power' in this game if it allows you to obtain the items you want. I have a white smug jacket I like. I wouldn't sell it for any amount of gold. I also know a player that has black hunter but won't sell it for anything less than $700 real life cash (won't take in game gold or items). So here is an instance of gold being meaningless. I offered a ridiculous amount of gold for a spider helm and was told flat no, he had no plans of selling for any amount.
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Re: Amount of gold held

Seipper wrote:
Shazta24 wrote:Nope just some people cant take the truth

What is this in response to? Or is it just a spam like all your other posts?

Posts keep getting deleted if they kept you would know, you responding to it just backfires on the point that you dont like the spam when you do it yourself. Why are you even talking on this thread? My respones was about the topic but was deleted yours is totaly off topic and all spam just bashing all my posts

Re: Amount of gold held

Impressive Desmond, however we have a few merchants on Balor and they do nothing but sit in castle while others do all the work for clan etc.
Do you actually play the game or are you always castle sitting? Just curious on how you ammased the gold.
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Long live Balor! :lol: ;) :lol:

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