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Re: What is best world for new player to start in

Just to make it quicker and easier for u, I will estimate (although Im from Belenus) that the world that is the easiest to blend in and go forward at is Lugh due teamwork between clans, but if Lugh isnt ur cup of tea I'll recommend Belenus or Gwydion according to what I know/what Ive seen.
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Re: What is best world for new player to start in

Come to herne it's a place filled with sunshine and rainbows ( sunshine and rainbows includes death, horror, Fear, pain, being trapped in holes, burning in water, drowning in air, dying at every step, 24/7 war and all the other nice things u can think of)
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Re: What is best world for new player to start in

Pdizz wrote:It varies by person. Lol i dont see why people ask these questions.

Because depending on what server you go to, you can have a very different experience.

I would never want to be on a server that was filled with drama, ksing, lock battles, and other such things that would make the game unenjoyable to me. However, another player may enjoy this type of competition.

I think it would be good to have a thread stickied that gave a brief description of each server.
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