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So I just have a question for otm... This isn't a feedback or suggestion just a few questions so don't move it there please >.<

I was wondering if otm still has cross platforming in their minds and whether or not work on it has started?
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Re: When.-.

+1 i use a android phone (reason i don't update divise) and i would love to play from my phone instead of ipod... i don't play on android because i just find it boring starting from nothing when i had all my stuff on ios
Thanks for Cross Platform OTM!

Re: When.-.

Huge +1, I want to be able to play on my galaxy xD (and hopefully kindle eventually) Only problem there might be is everybody ditching apple devices to switch over lol
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Re: When.-.

Yea but it shouldn't really matter to otm who plays on what device. The only problem i can see is username issues for example... someone has both a android and apple, so to make there life easier they use the same username for both
Thanks for Cross Platform OTM!

Re: When.-.

I think they are planning to do this, but they couldnt work on it until ios devices were using the new engine. and since they announced the gelebron update, cross platforming will probably be released a while after gelebron is released for ios and android.
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