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Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

I tried turning my device off completely. Restarted and game was working fine. I mean there's still alot of lag issues that need to be fixed but i was playing for a continous 20-40 mins. Tried going somewhere with alot of people, worked fine with about 10-15 people at one spot (snorri camping). went at at 150 fight with 7 people, worked fine too. The only time i lagged was when i fast travelled to a different leystone. Its not perfect but its a start. Maybe others should try too
EDIT : Crashed when i fast travelled* not 'lagged'
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Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

OTM Wulver wrote:Hi everyone, we're looking at performance data right now, we've also put together a strike team that has been meeting regularly to address and implement performance improvements. This is ongoing work and is a top priority for us.

I find it funny u have a strike team lol I'm picturing a group of people in special ops gear like SAS or sumet waitin to strike the enemy haha

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