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Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

Using iPod 4 running iOS 6.1.5
First try took about 30 seconds for the login screen to load. About 60 seconds before the game loaded. I was able to log in once. It was slow and response time to any input was laggy. There was a couple second delay between tapping the screen and something happening. Menus were laggy in the same way.

I logged out and tried to log back in but it is now crashing at the loading screen again. I have not been able to get back in since the first time.

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Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

Ipod 4th gen, I downloaded update and I can't log in still, immense lag with the opening screen and still doesn't let me in. Are we waiting for a patch to fix this or is it expected to work already? Need some responses from admin as clearly this update hasn't fixed anything yet.

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