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Idols and ancient idols

What was the actual purpose of making new idols suck so bad? I finally ran out of my ancient idols and I can't even make it to my lixing spot without dying 3 times and using restos..... If this was just a ploy to get more money out of the people that already spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on this game I will quit this game. Dumbest idea ever... I suspect a lot more people will be ranting when they run out of the saves ancient idols. But I will not be spending all my very hard earned plat on items just to stay alive in the game. Plat is suppose to help u enjoy the game. And the aoe at any boss almost does more dmg then a idol recovers so you are forced to use a idol and pot if u want to stay alive more then 5 seconds. And f your lucky enough to run out of aoe before your instant killed you still have to wait for the curses..... This game is really turning to unfathomable because of greed. Unless there was a better reason otm??

Re: Idols and ancient idols

I agree, pretty stupid and things need to be changed whether it's the idols or the damage done from bosses. I believe their reasoning though was to prevent zerging bosses which I think is pretty stupid and doesn't make any sense because the idol timer, rage and death penalty already kind of prevented that...

Re: Idols and ancient idols

I couldn't really care about the idols i use the new ones though and keep old ones as a novelty but none of my characters have over 1000 health or energy so doesn't effect me it would be good for casters like druid and mages because they run out i energy pretty fast
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Re: Idols and ancient idols

Bourne wrote:
Aileron wrote:
Bourne wrote: the idol timer, rage and death penalty already kind of prevented that...

Lol no they didn't.

I said KIND OF, if you don't think that it hasn't limited it even some than you don't know what you're talking about.

All bosses have been zerged, regardless of idol timer, death penalty or rage. None prevented zerging. "Kind of" doesnt mean anything really. All it takes is a clan willing to do it, and its possible because of the old idols.

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Re: Idols and ancient idols

No, what they should have done is an inceaseing amount of time between idols (20 seconds between the first and second, 1 minute between the second and third and five minutes for every idol after the third). You combine that with the curses and then there would be no idoling bosses to death but still allow a slightly handicapped player (due to curse) a viable shot of staying alive. Its typical otm, they dont fully think out thier decisions and do not have the familiarity with thier game and players they once did.
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