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UnOfficial Celtic Heroes Guide Book

Hello CH Community!

I was curious how the community would feel about a guide book (like one you would find at a walmart for popular games) for Celtic Heroes
I would use the app notability to make it and include a wide variety of subjects such as:
- When and Where to Level up
- Class specific Guides
- What gear to buy
- What elixirs to level on
- What builds and optimal
- Quest gear guides (warden, meteoric, frozen, dragonlord, onyx, obsidian, bone, etc)
- Boss location, level and drop guides
- Many More!

I would love to have the guide approved by some members of the onethumbmobile team and notorious players and forum guides! So players know that it is a reliable guide! I can gladly post samples later tonight if many people are legitimately interested in this!

I was considering making it an online document or E-Book and having it sold for a small price ($5 perhaps) with the approval of members from the OneThumbMobile Team. If not, I have no issue simply making it for the pleasure of the people. However, being able to sell it would provide me with the means to increase the neatness and clarity of the guide!
If put up for purchase, it would be a one time purchase for the whole guide and everything to come, such as the tower update!

Let me know what you guys think! I am Very excited to see where this goes!

Edit: Sample -
image.jpg (135.32 KiB) Viewed 551 times

Questions: What Improvements Can I make?
Would you prefer actually pictures of the items opposed to drawings?
Any detail you would like to see included?
Any Comments?

*Please Note, This is a guide on what to give to the clan bank for clan members who dont not know what to send to bank and what to keep! NOT a guide on what you need for meteoric armor!
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Re: Official Celtic Heroes Guide Book

pigman wrote:Would be unoficiall unless otm endorsed it

Changed! Would love to have them endorse it though!

Once I get a few pieces of it up, im going to petition to have notorious players, forum mods and forum guides to back it as a reliable guide!
Gwydion - Xei - Warrior - 215
Taranis - Iridescence - Rogue - 225

Just want to make the game better.

Re: UnOfficial Celtic Heroes Guide Book

Michael_XXX wrote:I believe the content changes too rapidly here to be dependent on hard cover guides

I do believe that only update 4 added new places for people to level for which were already lvl areas
But it seems like a nice idea, we already have some class guides which should be included at least
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