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Im sorry if this sounds like a rant. Today i had a snow day... I had nothing to do after my chores and homework the only reason it was even a snow day was because it was really could rather than the amount of snow, so there wasnt much to do outside either. Basically i spent my day watching tv. On a normal school day after school is done and i finished my homework and other stuff i spend most my time watching tv with the family or playing CH, but i currently can't, and I havent been able to for a month or so. I would also be playing CH today during my snow day to. OTM can you please update us on your progress with beta and the fixes i really want to play and continue my work leveling, helping my bro level, help clan, and have fun with event.
Thanks for Cross Platform OTM!

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A little exercise goes a long way. Facts from the book
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OTM know the current stability and connectivity issues associated with Older Devices. It has been mentioned on numerous occasions by Admin that they have sent a new build of the game to Apple and is currently under review, this new build is supposedly meant to provide support to the older devices as well as provide numerous bug fixes. It is expected to be finished from review in about 1-3 weeks.

*Please note, that Apple has a lot of reviewing to do after the Christmas break so there is a backlog, and that it is no longer in OTM's hands, all they can do is wait with us*

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Exercise, friends, work, other games + hobbies, volunteer stuff, reading (books, internet, magazines etc), and a whole lot of things are available usually to the typical person who could be playing CH. There's so much more to do than wait around for a game to work, especially if you're not a paid employee for the game.

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I can't believe you are still around. Everyone else who can't play has already found a better game to play. And if you ever do come back you will be greeted with a much lower amount of players. It is primetime right now and I just checked and on the server I used to play on there is like 25 people on in the whole game.

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OTM,these issues are killing the game,you cant tell me that the Plat sales haven't dropped a ton. These new idols,along with the exaggerated prices on lux,and many many lag and other issues. I know i haven't purchased plat in months,and i was a hundred dollar a week buyer,so i guarantee im not the only one. Also the amount of older original players has went down tons

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We have a build that is waiting for Apple review, we don't have any control over how long this process takes, http://appreviewtimes.com/ is showing an average of 11 days at the moment(build was put up for approval yesterday after bugfixes went in). The team is already working towards the Tower release which will have further bug fixes and improvements.

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