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12 days of yule

So if otm has this special gift for CH players starting on december 25 will old devices be able to play by then or are we going to miss out on it... i really hope its fixed by then if u plan on giving out gifts to the players
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Re: 12 days of yule

I feel most forgotten. And i feel spar upon by a higher power. Yes! I understand that ipod 4 and ipad 1 and other people such as self are ALL READY completely behind on the yule event and have alot to catch up on. But it is completely unfair that OTM sends out an update that completely screws us over and now we miss out on your 12 gifts! Yes i know that OTM has done alot about it and i have not been to mad about any of it because i know that they are doing there best but this is just far fetched to comprehend that we will not be getting the gifts while others are. Im asking if there is any way that OTM can make it that afterwards the patch is released they can send us the gifts so we too can experianxe this wonderful game. Maybe we could make a pitition where we PM OTM people so they know we are currently un able to play and they could mail them to us wjen this is fixed!

Re: 12 days of yule

link32540 wrote:Sure it's uscks for u guys I can see but why should that hinder them from the other players who play who from what I've seen on servers are a lot maybe they will give it to u guys or not it's just the way the cookie crumbles

That still doesn't really matter if more people use devices that work because there is still a large amount of people unable to play due to issues on ipods and such
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Re: 12 days of yule

Rcflyn wrote:Otm should just automatically give each player the gift, since so many cant log.

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