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Re: Is there a way to earn quick gold?

Afking is a good way to earn gold, however it has it's flaws with constant crashing, disconnects and the current issue with auto attack "turning itself off" sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth.
The best way I find to earn gold is to just play the game. As you lvl up you will move on to higher mobs and earn more gold and better drops.
I assume since you have just hit lvl 50 you are really keen on getting wardens as soon as possible, however having full wardens at a low lvl doesn't really make you that much better off. In lugh we currently have a few lvl 50-60s who went all out on plat, bought and completed there warden upgrade and are completely stumped as too why they can't damage or solo stonevale bosses.
So my advice is to play the game, take it one item at a time and don't forget to have fun :)
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Re: Is there a way to earn quick gold?

Lorddrago wrote:I'm at that point in the game- level 50- in which in order to progress more I need a lot of gold. I personally think that the only flaw in this entire game is getting gold, it's impossible!! Anyone know how to earn quick gold, without buying platinum?:-)

You can do mass merchanting. Its not easy, but worth it once mastered. I am not talking about pulling a Javerez here :lol:

Buy or attain armor such as fairy queen or guzzletusk gear and sell them for a higher price. Rare items work great with this meathod.
Example: On my world Fairy Queen shirt is about 3-5k, so I would buy as many as I can for about 2-3k and sell them for about 4-5k. At the same time, I would be buying popular ancient weapons off people for about 6k and selling them for 10k.

Please note that I do not actually do this. This is just an example that works over time.
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Re: Is there a way to earn quick gold?

Truly the easiest way is just to put yer head down and grind.

I know it sucks but if you don't buy from merchants and instead buy from players selling their handmedowns you can find good or better deals. Just scan the merchants be aware of the prices and then look for ones you can afford.

This works for the lux shop as well, getting a bronze or lower quality ammy or offhand is huge for your character but if you buy them from players you can then grind easier and lvl faster,

There is NO easy way to gain money, but you can find the best deals, and maximize what gold you have to make your character better and make it faster to then make more gold. But you need to actively work, check market prices and work at it on a will and intellectual level :)

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