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Fast spawn mob locations?

Does anyone know of some fast spawn mob locations as i am looking to do some farming.
I know of the current wyvern and blackstone fast spawn but i was hoping to find a hawkhurst fast spawn in particular.

Would be great to know if anyone has found any of these.
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Re: Fast spawn mob locations?

Bourne wrote:There is no "fast spawn" hawkhurst mob, only wyvern, bolg, blackstone, and then that one that surrounds obelisk spawn. There are places where you can farm hawkhursts like that though but the spawns are much slower than these fast spawns.

Would love to know the location of these spawns. Please and thanks :)
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Re: Fast spawn mob locations?

Actually the humanoid mob next to the fast spawn aggy wyrm, along that same wall, is also a 30 second mob. It just drops crap like useless low value gems.

Would love to hear about any other 30 second mobs wherever they are. Or spots where you can stand and kill many higher * mobs like the pirate rooms and pirate island.
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