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Re: iOS OPEN BETA Form & Yule Developer Diary!

xvanguardx wrote:
John_Sein wrote:
Scatha wrote:The fashion actually doesn't suck. Nice change.

I appreciate that you mention that! I'm the one that did the concepts for it!

I just introduced myself here ^^ http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopi ... 70&t=64691

See you around!

Hey john! Great so see someone new join the forums ;) I have a question for you.... The female top hat wasn't at all inspired by moxy from borderlands was it? Haha

Imma get a red & purple one and name a toon Moxxi

Re: iOS OPEN BETA Form & Yule Developer Diary!

Royalninja(LordRN) wrote:Hope I can enter ... I thought open betas were public though ?

they are... (im assuming yer talkin about the toc that says you cant share pics) im guessing like, even if you arent in beta, youl be able to see into the beta forum

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