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Rare Samhain Mounts

I know its annoying. The rarity of the new bat mount from chests. But now try to imagine.

You go to castle
30 people in castle
All on that mount with the uge wings

I think i cant even see the floor then xD

Anyways, Wulver cmn help us a bit :) make them less rare :)

Re: Rare Samhain Mounts

All of the mounts suk IMHO . They look robotic and the stats are not nearly as good as previous mounts . And the colors are way to colorful for a scary type creature . Should be black and covered in blood . Dark green with python patterns .dark yellow with brown camo patterns . Instead they look like Easter egg colors
Everything about this event is disappointing to say the least .

Re: Rare Samhain Mounts

They should be this rare. All of the chest mounts should have been this rare from the start so we wouldn't have 200 per server or whatever. Plus, the new chest mounts aren't that great and they look ridiculous IMO. Not that I would sell if I got one :)
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Re: Rare Samhain Mounts

Taranis has 4 i believe. Including a clannie who got two a 85 and 95. I wish I had that kind of luck.

Funny thing is i don't think that many chests were opened on Taranis.
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