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Spawn times for dl bosses

I've been trying to figure out what the exact spawn times are for all dl bosses, and nobody seems to know exactly what they are. I scoured the forums looking for this but couldn't find anything. Currently what im going off of is:

Spider :50
Priest: 1:00
King 1:10
Bolg: 1:20
Trolls 1:30

Is this correct or am I way off? I know a lot of people like to take off 5 minutes of their timers but I find that really annoying since I could just go to a boss when it's due... If anyone knows if this is correct or if they have exact timers that would be very helpful.
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Re: Spawn times for dl bosses

Hi there!

The timers I use are:

> Priest - 1:20
> King - 1:30
> Bolg - 1:35
> Troll - 1:45

Although I only keep Bolg and Troll timers since our clan has no use for the other bosses drops.

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