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Yellow space (rare drop?).. :-/

Hey admin, i know alot of ppl have been complaining about this But it feels like" Something is Wrong" :-/
Why is Yellow spaces so rare...? Me and My clan have been killing around 20-25 rockbelly's and i only Got 2 Yellow spaces So far...:( Plz can u take à Look on this drop system...Something feels Wrong Lol.
What do u Guys think about the yellow spaces in ur world??:) Plz leave à comment,



Re: Yellow space (rare drop?).. :-/

Spaces in general are rare. Admin has confirmed drop rates are all equal. Its pure luck, if you roll a dice 25 times then there's a chance it will only land on the 2 a few times. This is exactly whats happening, but keep pushing and your odds will only get better. I wish you the best.

Re: Yellow space (rare drop?).. :-/

I know how you feel. I was in the same position with having all the other drops but that one yellow space...it is pure luck and you will get one. I am finally full meteric for a bit now. Just gotta keep on killing.

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