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Re: forum admin chose wrong

You would lose the 500k, unless you been playing since the game came out which I highly doubt, so no you don't know more than him.
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Re: forum admin chose wrong

This post is just rude and disrespectful. Your such a hypocrite, you call elite rude and yet your being rude right now. You don't know anything about this moderator. There are some high levels that are noobs and low levels that as experienced as high levels. Do not assume that if he is low level, that means he is inexperienced. The old saying goes "Don't judge a book by it's cover."


Re: forum admin chose wrong

Rules were made to be broken. They are constantly broken each day in the game.
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Re: forum admin chose wrong

with Volde having 4408 posts, id think he knows some stuff...lol. I understand its frustrating when OTM doesn't do anything about stuff we send in, but sometimes they just cant. Not saying they cant do anything about what you are talking about, but for instance I gave them screenshots and a link to a video of a person who faked my name, impersonated me, and scammed people on Mabon. I never got a reply and nothing was ever done about it. But you gotta respect someone who has over 4000 posts and is a moderator. :P
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Re: forum admin chose wrong

I sense Community intervention. Private messages are private for a reason. And challenging mod actions on a board is a big no-no.

*grabbing popcorn*
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Re: forum admin chose wrong

I dont understand why anyone would attack Volde like this, he is an amazing Mod who does his work fairly.

He is a FORUMS mod not an in game mod. Ask Guides if you've got questions pertaining with levels.
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Re: forum admin chose wrong

You have derailed the topic completely. I'm getting ahead of myself with this post but....

The subject was if Voldemort did really know more than Alti.

I think Vold is quite bold to make that sort of statement. Hes about level 100 if I am not mistaken. Subjectively Vold might know more about the actual game statistics, but does he really have the credibility or experience to say "I know much more than you" to a level 180+?

I think you guys should step bad and look at whos done what and whos like what. Right now, I feel like this thread is based on personal feelings and friendships with Vold. Vold is a happy-go-lucky guy whos been around the forums for a long time, our favorite mod. Alti is a level 180+ who we dont know very well.

Its kind of funny to see Vold say level is but a number, thats pretty biased. I dont know about you, but it takes me about one hour and a half to level with elixir. So, level could also be used to describe time played, not account creation time range. Vold has told us more than once that he does not play nearly as often as he does moderate.

One more thing. Vold could moderate disregarding the actual facts someone might be posting, moderating is to well, moderate and take control of things out of hand. But, as we know, Vold is quite fond of the community and reads posts he doesn't need to moderate, as well as creating entire magazines.

There's 50/50 credibility to the two. Given the facts right now I'd say those involved could do the following:

Voldemort: Information Bróker

Alti: Can put information into use and gain experience
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