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Re: 10dmg bracelet

Alphachicken wrote:
Candies wrote:
rouge1235 wrote:i had an imperial slash on belenus, sold for 63-100k

Lol. It could have sold for around 700k on Sulis.

I sold a royal talon for 600k a while back. Lol

Yeah. Now Robert has the only godly and imperial ones on Sulis I believe.

and etc...

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Re: 10dmg bracelet

Pdizz wrote:
Invisible wrote:and i got a 15 pierce AMMY (not brace) from an old boss lolol

Difference here is that an amulet with 15 pierce is not worth wearing once you obtain a frostroot set or even an ammy of annihilation .

15 pierce gives me 132 damage I believe, so for something that was free I'd say it's pretty damn good.

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Re: 10dmg bracelet

they drop from the red bosses (goretusk, the archer in sv, etc.). I have +10 talon which adds 81 damage at 725 str (adds as much as royal hrung dmg brace). I also have imp and royal slash xD
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