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Re: Design-A-Mount contest

How long does it take for admins to message winners? i keep checking my forums message and email, still no new message ;o;
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Re: Design-A-Mount contest

Grats to all the winners. Im just wondering about the methods used to decide the winners of the contest. Otm themselves wrote that the entry must be related to celtic mythology (of which not many of the winners qualified for). I feel that a lot of entries were looked over, there were many designs more related to celtic mythology and that looked much nicer then some of the winners. One of the winners also looked like a copy from the internet over a self drawn picture... Did otm properly check all the entries sent by email to see if they were copied? Once again, grats to the winners, ty otm for making a contest, and looking forward for more
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Re: Design-A-Mount contest

What did everyone that participate get as a prize? Just for being in the contest, i didn't get anything, (feel like i wasted 5 hours of thinking and drawing and typing lol)
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Re: Design-A-Mount contest

Some of the drawings are great and definitely should have won something.

"You must take your inspirations from the Celtic world and draw the type of mount to inspire your group and strike fear into your enemies!"

My take on it, everyone who entered is a winner for giving it their best and showing an interest in the contest, but nonetheless grats to those who won.
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