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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

Can someone in Beta get OTM to fix Casters?

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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

Genesis wrote:
RedDogy wrote:Can someone in Beta get OTM to fix Casters?

They say with update all classes will be balanced and if anyone needs a buff it should be rangers :)

It would be awesome if all classes would be balanced with the update.

Imo all classes can be played relatively easily and without any buffs. Yes, mages do have super high energy cost, but if you use the skill energy boost to any great length, it helps a lot.

Rangers are the other class that people complain about most, but it is still decent to play, you just cant compare to the dps of mages or rogues or even warriors and druids on occasion. Rangers are designed to be a mix of the classes, they have a good heal, bolas allows them to kite bosses, and they have decent dmg. Basically if you want high damage, dont be ranger, pick rogue or something.

Even rogues aren't exactly overpowered, they just don't have a need to go any build but full dps, so almost all their skills are focused on killing the mob. Hence why they are such high dps.
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