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Re: Is it true OTM nerfing idols?

I feel like everyone in this post is missing the biggest point in nerfing idols. OTM has made it a point to string us out and make the game dependant on certain plat items, idols being one of the main items. They build this stuff up just to pull the rug out from under us. People are going to be upset and have the right to be.
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Re: Is it true OTM nerfing idols?

This is about nerfing melee and throwing a bone to casters.
Druids will be more needed now and rogues will just have to except that they cannot go at it alone any more.
Sounds GREAT to me :D

Honestly, why was it fair to receive full health and zero energy when using an idol?
Casters without energy are basically dead. :roll:
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Re: Is it true OTM nerfing idols?

SmartOne96 wrote:As far as I can tell its a boost. Before when my mage died he didnt gain any energy. Now he will gain 1000.

Do u gain energy from dieing cause i read it as ur energy goes to 1000 and health goes to 1000 when u respawn.
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