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Fanfiction Winners Announced!

Greetings Heroes!

We have had a very hard time picking the winners of the Fanfiction competiton, and some there is a little something for all who took the time to enter.

However, after a long process and much deliberation, the winners of the Fanfiction competition have been picked!

See the winners here:


I'd like to take opportunity to say a resounding thank you to everyone who entered and took part in this competition for the community of Celtic Heroes. We had a really great time reading all your entries, and look forward to the future competitions.
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Re: Fanfiction Winners Announced!


I got a misspelled parenthetical "Special Mention" in a competition I didn't enter. :shock:

Community wrote:Special Mentions (Winning 2x Super Knowledge Elixirs):
ChopstickNinja (and Krill)

How many people can claim they got a misspelled parenthetical "Special Mention" in a competition they didn't enter, I wonder? 8-)
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