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Belenus killed necro!!

I want to thank all of elementals for sticking with it and killing necro! We are a smaller server and got him with just our clan. I am so proud to call you all mentals as we fight side by side and kill the bad guys....CHEERS TO YOU ALL!!
    World ~ Belenus
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    Re: Belenus killed necro!!

    TY ali :). Awesome teamwork all :) and thx jhm

    Best drop was imperial necral band of firestorm
    Health 400
    Energy 400

    Decreases recast time of firestorm by 20%.

    Other drops

    Royal necral band of strangling vines
    Mighty necral ring of rot. (60 dex/60 vital. Range 600

    naruto2 ranger 231
    heal Druid 231
    fireball mage 231
    R0uge - rogue lvl 217

    Re: Belenus killed necro!!

    Good job :)
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