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Re: Can you still get Golden Scepter of Blizzards?

No there is no longer such an item in game, that even remotely represents the Sceptre of Blizzards. It was taken out in Update 3, as well as the Golden Bloodlust Helm and Camoflague Charm (I think).

It was a Main hand Weapon that shot Icy Projectiles

It gave 27 Cold Damage
3827 Attack Speed
11 Weight
20 Energy

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Re: Can you still get Golden Scepter of Blizzards?

After quite some searching I finally found the few screenshots I had of the Sceptre. So... Here they are!

The range was VERY long.. equal to or greater than the snowball wand, and as you can see the shot animation was very unique. While I personally enjoyed the iceshards animation more.. I still had lots of fun with the sceptre. But I believe the trade for full spooky purple hunter and a divine broom was well worth it ;)
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