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Epona Kills Necro!! (Video of kill soon!)

Today, on July 17, 2014, the 180+ toons of Epona gathered in mass for the first time since his release. We tried to kill him on our first try (The only thing we had ever done previously was create strategies with a group of 5-15 ppl max), and with a few minor mess-ups, managed to drop his hp to below half before he raged (First try will be uploaded within 2 hours). Undeterred, even when some had to leave, we spread the word to everyone we possibly could call, and with the newly acquired experience and firepower we took him down not 15s after rage! (I idoled once the fight, after rage)

Drops were a 50 dex/vit 500 cunning ring, a 10% cd reducing Ice shards brace, and a mage wand that adds 600 damage to firebolt and storm for 15s. (ss coming as soon as i can get them!)

congrats to everyone in Epona for finally getting Necro over with!
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