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Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Heh - I use forums on my phone, forgot my sig still said Eve - back in my own clan again.
But, I'll see what I can do for ya. And yes, I did think you meant character level not skill rank!
And hopefully 193 sooonnnn, been working my druid up to full frozen mostly!
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Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Swan wrote:It was originally stickied for that reason, but OTM didn't want combat things in general discussion so they unstickied it.

They are thinking about making a new forum section (maybe under classes)—something like "general combat" that will have non-class-specific threads on game mechanics/comparing classes.

Alright, I hope this gets implemented soon!
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Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Thanks again Bobert! I was so caught up with the new event that I forgot to update this guide. All of these have been added to the OP. Two separate formulas are needed for frostbite, one for initial damage, and one for tick damage.

Level 50 Frostbite Initial Damage = 31.766*sqrt(Focus) + 14.633*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 183.29
Level 50 Frostbite Tick Damage = 15.438*sqrt(Focus) + 6.5069*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 139.09

Level 50 Ice Lure Resistance Reduction = 17.516*sqrt(Focus) + 5.1609*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 219.08

Level 50 Ice Attunement Damage Boost = 33.548*sqrt(Focus) + 15.221*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 450.48

Also, I'm assuming that this highlighted number…
Bobert wrote:Frostbite at 50

Damage, Damage per tick, focus, ice:
2205, 1089, 1505, 2910
2098, 2037, 1255, 2910
2001, 991, 1105, 2710

…was a typo, and you meant to type a 1.

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