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Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Much thanks to Badmofo for putting rogues on the board with expose weakness and sneaky attack. However, I would like verification data to confirm the formulas for these two skills.

Level 50 Expose Weakness Evasion Reduction = 34.648*sqrt(Dexterity) + 9.7154*sqrt(Cunning) + 356.56

Level 50 Sneaky Attack Damage = 121.82*sqrt(Strength) + 54.694*sqrt(Cunning) + Auto Damage + 1000.4

If you have expose weakness and/or sneaky maxed, plug in your numbers and tell me how accurate it is please.

Looking at the sneaky attack formula, we can easily see that it is enormously powerful, with the highest numbers yet: the stat multiplier is about 120, the ability multiplier is about 50, and the constant is about 1000. On top of that, you add the auto damage (displayed on your skill page) to the mix, and you end up with a super powered, unavoidable skill.

By comparison, a mage's ice shards looks like this:
Level 50 Ice Shards Damage = 96.322*sqrt(Focus) + 30.47*sqrt(Ice Magic) + 702.43

About 100 for the stat multiplier, 30 for the ability multiplier, and 700 for the constant. Not quite as powerful, but attune helps boost it a bit. In the end, rogues still win for the largest skill hit (as shown by leaderboards).

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Re: Represent Your Class! (Data Collection)

Swan wrote:
If you want to quickly use a skill formula, follow these steps:
1. Copy and paste the entire bold equation into a text editor (e.g. Word, Notepad, TextEdit, or Pages)
2. Delete the bold equals sign and the green text
3. Replace the blue and red colored text with your own corresponding Stat and Ability values.
4. Copy your new expression
5. Go to http://www.wolframalpha.com, paste it in, and press enter

I will include these steps in the new guide when I have more formulas.

Well... Is this formula compatible with excel... Coz i dont use word...nor any of the other stuff.
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Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Swan wrote:
malky70 wrote:Anyway, yer man said lvl 50 data - I can post mine, but it's way over lvl 50...

It's impossible to have skills that are over level 50. The global skill cap is 50, after which the power of the skill no longer goes up.

If possible, please post your level 50 data (or level 50+, same thing).

I think she thought you meant data from a lvl 50 character.
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Re: Represent Your Class! (Data Collection)

Deathbytray wrote:Well... Is this formula compatible with excel... Coz i dont use word...nor any of the other stuff.

To use the formula, just copy and paste it into any text space where you can see the whole thing. That way, you can easily replace the colored text with your own numbers. Then put it into WolframAlpha, which calculates the entire thing for you.

As long as you can see and edit the formula in Excel, you're good.

Re: Skill Formulas (Work In Progress, Needs Data)

Solumbum wrote:I think she thought you meant data from a lvl 50 character.

Oops, I need to clarify that. When I say level 50 I mean a level 50 skill, which would have a total of 49 points in it, including boosts from gear. I never intended to talk about character level. Sorry for the confusion.

Typically only people with character levels above 150 or above 180 have maxed skills, depending on your gear.

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That's definitely the ranger I'm looking for :P

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