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Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

Clunt I am sorry that this happened as I do not condone these actions from our clan. Fighting for lock is one thing but sabotaging after someone has lock is not cool. Unfortunately both clans do their bit although thankfully it does not seem to be the norm for either clan. I could tell you stories of your clan doing similar things but what does that do but show there can be greed and Immaturity everywhere. Our world is actually fairly peaceful as our leaders do talk and try to work out issues as they arise. These things seem to happen when the leaders are not around and could be so much worse if we didn't have a world filled with a lot of fun considerate people.
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    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    Xilo wrote:
    Clunty wrote:I used to think belenus was one of the friendliest and kindest servers. A few weeks ago my clan was on high king when another clan (I wont say who) came along. One of there warriors taunted him and then ran behind the rock. He was bolosed so we were able to re-taunt every time before he reset. They would have easily gotten lock had they reset him.

    That same clan came along while we were killing aggy. We already had lock. The would go out and get adds then stand under aggy and wait for my firestorm to give me aggro. This wouldnt do them any good. I'm only lvl 157. I wasnt contributing much anyway. It didn't make us much closer to failing on aggy it just cost me a ton of idols.

    I am not trying to bash the other clan. I just wanted to know does this kind of thing happens on other servers? All servers?

    Its called competition Clunt..deal with it (: all servers face it, can't stop it; it can faze out but never disappears.

    Coming from a member of the offending party. LOTS of cred there.

    nueee wrote:This happens on arawn too and still does despite other posts on this thread
    The clan in which does this on my server is fueled by greed and they take pleasure and try hard to make others that arent in thier clan suffer . Its not the clan its the leadership if your core leaders are a bunch of greedy douchey scumbags it starts to trickle down .

    Sadly there is a dominate clan on each server but not every dominate clan are douchers

    Now were talking. It can even be a circle. The original chief could have been a doucher and turned the clanmates into douchers, then the chief left and the clan turns the new chief into a doucher.

    Alphachicken wrote:
    Bitey wrote:
    Alphachicken wrote:Sounds like Arawn about a year ago. We are much better now though :D
    You mean when resurg took badas bank?

    Before, during, and after that actually. Lot of boss resetting and tampering going on from all sides back then.

    I wouldn't doubt it. Honestly why does everyone get so butthurt over clan wars. I cant stand a world without clan wars its a lot of fun imo hehehe. If your clan can't take it, get better, simple as that.

    Good, stay on epona. That is if you have a toon that isn't retired.
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    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    I feel that this is pertinant here. To all who agree with me and clunty and nuee and others, come to rhiannon and join my new clan Rapture. I have a lot of experience as a chief and I have learned a lot over the years watching other clans. The rules I have set will ensure good clean fun. If any members in our clan violate the rules against another clan they 100% will be kicked until the issue is resolved. No level req so come join me.

    The rules are basically:

    1. No trying for lock if another group was there first and hit first. Try to group them if you need it. Or wait to see if they get wiped. Or help them preferably if they want it.

    2. If you were there first and another group comes rushing in and hits first you can compete for lock.

    3. No playing dirty with bolas/adds/taunting/calming whatsoever.

    4. We will set up friendly consensual competition with other clans.

    5. To become a general you must prove your mettle by completing level 60 in ladder. You can use an alt charecter for that if you like.

    Thank you and have a good day :).
    A Mage is like a Lamborghini, You don't get one as your first car or daily driver and there are cheaper cars that go faster and are more comfortable anyway.

    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    Fiona St.Croix wrote:Heya,

    In Lugh it's different.

    We try to maintain an environment which is collaborative and helpful.
    We tackle bosses with our friends and everyone who is eligible for the boss. (considering you arrive on time)

    Clannies are a preference but we are not limited to them, everyone is welcome to join. (requirements considered)

    It can't be helped thou that there might be some bad eggs in a dozen you pick up, but that does not dictate who LUGH is.

    These people eventually die down and peace and harmony takes precedence.


    Ah I miss Lugh because of this. A peaceful server is what I like. I hope I can access the server on android one day!

    To everyone - most of the posts are surprisingly civil: I want to thank you for having a nice discussion without too many abusive posts :)

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    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    Thank you once again Marcus for only pointing out the small negative details that have to do with our clan (even though Xilo is no longer on our server) and, as usual, you seem to have completely ignored the comments posted by two existing and loyal members that tried to work through the issue(s). Not to mention aiming at alpha. Tsk tsk uncalled for.

    Belenus is considered one of the most peaceful worlds in this game, and we would very much like to keep it that way. There will always be little disputes, as there are on every server; competition will always exist. However we work towards making the game fun for us, not to create yet another stressful environment. Every world has their pros and cons.

    Good luck on Rhiannon, Marcus. I'm sure they'd love to see Advocate's second wind.

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    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    I saw ur post afterwards kiy and I'm very impressed thanks for doing that. Zniper is gone... *rejoice* lol.

    Just noticed ali's post too lol.

    I'm giving ya a hard time. You guys are cool people just gotta stay on top of discipline and don't be intimidated.
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    Re: Are other servers as mean and selfish?

    Legolas15 wrote:
    Lord4042 wrote:
    Gabee wrote: To people outside the clan, this may look selfish and greedy, but for us its selflessness and helping each other.

    Sorry to say...
    But 'SOME' ppl in ur clan(not referring to all) were guarding arena and stopping me from killing balmon...
    And guarding the arena entrance...

    Ooh ooh thats me


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