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The Dal Riata Enquirer - Natan Athach

The Dal Riata Enquirer

Natan Athach Strikes Again

A few months ago the Dal Riata Enquirer brought you startling news about the fearsome Ice Dragon, Natan Athach.
It seems the dragon arrived with a rather robust appetite for ranger weaponry.
You can read about that here: http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=47947#p362845

It soon became clear that the dragon's diet was not limited to quivers, as even King Snorri Bonechewer fell victim to the fearsome ice dragon's appetite:
More on that here: http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=47947&start=20#p365367

    He's been eating up all our playing time!

Since the lengthy stomach-pumping procedure, which saw the return of many quivers to thankful rangers, and the return of King Snorri to his cavern, Natan had seemed content to just sit and smell the flowers in Lirs Reach. Or so we thought....

It seems that Natan Athach's appetite is back. But now he isn't feasting on bows or trolls.

    He's been eating up all our playing time! says a player from Gwydion
    Our clan has to take on Natan in shifts. The first one arriving early in the morning and the last one finishing the dragon off in the wee hours of the night was the input from an anonymous source.
    Killin' that there dragon is a full day affair shared an unpronounceable-named player from Danu

Further reports suggest that the fearsome dragon may have shrouded himself in a kind of time well, similar to a black hole, but only affecting time.
We interviewed notable Lirs Reach physicist, Dr. H. Dickory for more information on the phenomena, but as the Doctor's explanation was unintelligible, our readers will have to be satisfied with this explanation from an active player:

    That dragon just takes too long to kill.
Kril - Chief Editor, The Dal Riata Enquirer
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Re: The Dal Riata Enquirer - Natan Athach

Dear Dragon Hater

re: Natan Athach

I loved hearing your stories about Natan Athach and the ranger weaponry, as well as his involvement in the temporary disappearance of King Snorri BoneChewer. Gosh. what is happening in Dal Ratia these days.

Recently I watched a band of rogues, warriors and a druid take him down. It took over and hour! and they were very strong.

Naturally I stood by and watched in fear of being frozen if I attacked.

It's his scales you see. They are covered in ice. Only the strongest weapons can pierce them.

I am pleased to hear you contacted Dr Dickory but that man is a silly old fool who dresses in rags and grumbles about getting old under his breath.

In fact I heard Dickory mumbling once, something about the rare 'fire-wurt' plant which only grows in the darkness of Fignals Cave, and how we could coat our swords and arrows with it's sap which reacts with Athach's scales and burns like acid.

Unfortunately I havn't come by this rare plant as I'm too afraid to enter Fignal's for fear of the bandits that tied you to a rock ( viewtopic.php?f=4&t=46869 ) but if you would join me, I'm sure we'd be safer if we searched together.

In the interim, please stay as far away from that horrible Athach thing or you may be the next to be consumed, gosh!

From your number 1 fan,


Re: The Dal Riata Enquirer - Natan Athach

SpiritHealer wrote:What's wrong with them I actually find the helms to be awesome, godly is on par if not better than Hrung helms.

Okay, let's compare the Godly helm and a low tier hrung helm that I'm using.

So, ignoring the skills that both helms add to, the lirs drag helm has ZERO bonuses. If you don't use any of the skills on the lirs drag helm, well that's bad luck. This snowflakey blue helm will have to shine like a diamond in your junk section of the bank for a while. Hrung helm on the other hand gives 125 vitality (in my case) and it's the second most terrible tier. Comparing this with the highest tier of lirs drag helm?

Hrung 1 - Lirs Drag 0

But now you're going, hold on a second! Lirs drag helm adds skill points to THREE skills! That must be super useful right? Well, I would agree wholeheartedly if only OTM didn't assign 2 out of 3 of the skills to the most unused spells in a Mage's arsenal. Energy boost, which does absolutely nothing at 180+, and cloak of fire, which is a complete waste of skill points. But the third skill is actually useful... to ice mages. Besides the fact that ice mages with dragonlord armour have to sacrifice the DL armour bonus, as well as the +5 ice blast from the dragonlord helm, it's not a bad item to have. As for fire mages like myself... *cough*

The hrung helm on the other hand gives 7 skill points into firestorm, a skill I actually use, as well as a damage increase.

Hrung 2 - Lirs Drag 0

Sorry, but the skills really should be reevalutated. Seems like they eenie meenie miny mo'd all the Mage's skills, and threw them on hoping people will like them. I guess we can be thankful lure of giants and energy well didn't find themselves on there....
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Re: The Dal Riata Enquirer - Natan Athach

What I really wanted on there was attune. There do not seem to be any mordy rings with attune on them (and ofc aggy didnt drop attune rings). So, I will only be able to get attune to 49 (while using 2 ring slots) until I manage to get to lvl 210. :roll:
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